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What does Immigration Actually Imply?

It is the migration of a certain individual from his home country to a different country.  We at Visa House can help you with the immigration processes of different countries like US, Hong Kong, Germany and Australia.  By help, we mean providing assistance in filing the visa documentation and preparation for interviews in consultancies.

Believe us; taking external help for visa filing is quite important because rejection breaks one spirit.  Nobody wants to get the rejection letter from the consultancy containing the reasons for rejection. It’s important to understand that filing the visa applications with incomplete documents can lead to rejection at the onset. Section 221(g) of the US Visa Act states that a visa denial can happen when someone fails to present enough evidence for his visa petition.  Instead of hiring an immigration lawyer, it’s better to take consultation beforehand. Getting an immigration visa is no easy task. It starts with understanding the complete point structure for a country like Canada which awards points to the candidates on the basis of different factors like age, education(Educational credential assessment), work experience. With a visa consultant, at your beck and call, you get the privilege of someone explaining the details to you and tackling the procedures on your behalf. If a visa petition gets cancelled, there will be extra expenditure of time and money which can be quite harmful for the applicant in some cases whose future itself gets affected. Sometimes, the candidates are not lucky to get second interviews fixed with the consultancy. By getting rejection, you are only delaying your visa. So, it’s better to get the right immigration consultants like us who can help you in filing the petition with the correct documentation initially so as to eradicate any chances of rejection.

We have also created appeal letters for the ones whose cases have been rejected.  The reason why we have become do adept in filling the correct documentation is because we have dealt with hundreds of cases in our operation as a visa consultancy in the past 15 years.

Immigration Canada

Immigration Canada is quite coveted these days because of the great living ambiance of this country. Candidates are looking for immigration Canada to boost their incomes and their overall well-being.

The country has a high Human development Index of  0.913 and shares a rank on this index of 9 along with New Zealand.  Canada has also made some changes in its immigration structure to make it more flexible.  It has reduced the points which are granted for a job offer in this country from 600 to 200/50. In the last Express Entry draw which was conducted on January 25, 2017, the number of ITAs which were sent was 3,508. So its quite a favorable time to seek an immigration to Canada visa.

Australia immigration

The Skill Select program of Australia is quite useful to meet the skill shortages which are faced by some regions in this country, along with that it is also quite useful for applicants to get Australia immigration without any obstacles. Since it allows the applicants to make online visa applications under the immigration to Australia scheme (visa class 189) it is time saving and has made the processing procedure for the Australian authorities easier.

We help applicants meet the requirements of the Australian point structure and then formulate their Expression of Interest accordingly. Immigration Australia is quite beneficial because it allows well-deserving skilled labor to utilize its talent to the hilt and get the most lucrative jobs.

When an Australian worker submits his EOI (Expression of Interest) for migration to Australia, he has to pick an occupation from the Skilled Occupation list which gets updated recurrently.

Hong Kong Immigration      

Hong Kong is offering immigration to skilled labor under its Quality Migrant Admission Scheme (QMAS). Immigration Hong Kong is advantageous as it is one of the least populated countries.

The most popular way for immigration to Hong Kong is General Points Test (GPT). Under this candidate should be able to get sufficient points for the different categories of age, experience, education, proficiency in language and family background.

It’s not an easy task to get these points and Visa House deals with all the complexities of filing a Hong Kong immigration visa in your best of interests.

Germany immigration

A Germany job seeker visa can get you access to unlimited employment opportunities. Visa House provides complete assistance with securing this visa.

A candidate needs to have done his graduation in the STEM educational backgrounds to become eligible for this visa. After getting approved, a visa holder can stay in this country and look out for Germany jobs in a period of 6 months.